Awake + Bananas

2009-11-25 04:42:14 by conormccauley

I recorded a new piece last night called "Awake" so please take a listen. I spent quite some time on this and ate my dinner on my lap as I hate getting distracted when recording. If I leave the keyboard/pc for a long time I'll lose the ideas I had in my head, but I think it's worth it as I'm quite happy with this piece. Let me know your thoughts.

In other news today in case anyone is reading, it's very windy out and I just ate a banana. Take care.



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2010-03-21 17:53:30

Wow you have a ton of unique and interesting songs, very cool stuff im suprised your not more popular. Keep it up!


2011-03-11 19:12:58

Where have you been Mr. Conor? If you are still making music but uploading it somewhere else, please do let me know! I think your music is AMAZING.

conormccauley responds:

Hey Mr.Monkey, I'm still alive!! I removed my music from NG because I'm licencing it for commercial use elsewhere, so I can't allow people to download for free here.

Lucky for you, I am still uploading my music on my own personal site for others to listen to, the site is:

Drop by and let me know what you think of the latest additions!

All the best,